Tombstone Tactical: Leading Gun Store in Chino Valley Arizona

Tombstone Tactical is a federally authorized firearm and firearm accessories vendor, proudly owned and operated by a family of veterans. Our establishment in Chino Valley, AZ, situated at 437 Butterfield Rd, serves both local customers and nationwide clients through our online platform. We hold licenses to deal in a range of esteemed firearm brands, including Smith & Wesson, Kimber, Savage, Ed Brown, Remington, Ruger, Glock, Taurus, Springfield Armory, and Sig Sauer. At Tombstone Tactical, customers can explore a vast array of firearms such as pistols, rifles, and shotguns, along with a comprehensive selection of ammunition. Additionally, our inventory encompasses various firearm accessories, including scopes with night vision and thermal imaging capabilities, magazines, sights, parts, mounts, rangefinders, targets, hearing protection, and more.

Whether you're from the Quad Cities, Ash Fork, or Paulden, Tombstone Tactical is your one-stop destination for all your firearm needs.

Why Tombstone Tactical


Exceptional Product Selection

Tombstone Tactical offers a remarkable selection of firearms, catering to both casual enthusiasts and serious collectors alike. Their dedication to quality and diversity guarantees that every customer discovers precisely what they seek, establishing them as a premier destination for firearm acquisitions.


Knowledgeable Staff

The personnel at Tombstone Tactical are more than just sales representatives; they are authorities in their domain. Possessing an extensive knowledge of firearms and employing a considerate approach to customer service, they ensure that each shopping encounter is both enlightening and pleasurable. This commitment ensures that customers feel assured in making informed decisions with their purchases.


Competitive Pricing

Tombstone Tactical is widely recognized for its commitment to providing competitive and equitable pricing. The store distinguishes itself by extending access to competitive prices across its entire product spectrum. This pricing approach firmly establishes Tombstone Tactical as a preferred destination for value-conscious customers within the firearms market.

What We Do



Our selection encompasses a diverse range of handguns, rifles, and shotguns from top manufacturers, meeting a multitude of needs from self-defense to shooting sports and tactical applications.


Custom Holsters

We offer custom holsters starting at $49.99, ensuring a precise fit, optimal comfort, and swift accessibility for various firearm models. Feel free to inquire about customization options.



Our optics selection includes premium scopes, sights, and binoculars, providing solutions for different purposes such as hunting, target shooting, tactical operations, or law enforcement, guaranteeing improved accuracy and visibility.



We stock a wide variety of ammo types tailored to different firearms, covering various calibers and specifications to accommodate diverse shooting disciplines and requirements.



Our comprehensive accessories collection comprises firearm parts, magazines, cleaning kits, protective gear, and tactical equipment, catering to both recreational and professional users to enhance their shooting experience and firearm maintenance.

Gift Cards From Tombstone Tactical

​​A Tombstone Tactical gift card is ideal for its flexibility, allowing recipients to choose from a wide range of quality firearms, custom holsters, optics, ammunition, and accessories. It's a perfect gift for gun enthusiasts and professionals in the firearms community, providing them the freedom to select exactly what they want or need.

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Available Merchandise

Owner Story

Brian Smith Photo

Brian Smith

With a passion for firearms and a military background, Brian Smith started Tombstone Tactical in 2010. The store started as a small operation, focusing on building relationships with customers and offering expert advice. Over time, it has expanded to include a broader range of firearms, popular brands, and other products, catering to the needs of Arizona gun owners.

Brian Smith’s commitment to education, safety, and customer service has become the cornerstone of Tombstone Tactical's philosophy. He has created an environment that isn’t just a store but a place for enthusiasts and newcomers to gather, learn, and share their passion. This approach has helped Tombstone Tactical establish a loyal customer base and a reputation for excellence in the firearms community nationwide. Stop by in Phoenix or Chino Valley for your new firearm!