Protect Yourself. We'll protect You.

Many people are becoming more prepared to defend themselves or others with a weapon. The very act of defending yourself phyically with a weapon could ruin you legally and financially. Even if you do everything right, you will need an attorney to defend you in court. This can cost thousands. That's where Firearms Legal Protection comes in. If you ever are forced to defend yourself with a weapon, Firearms Legal Protection is ready to defend you legally, and provide many other great benefits.


  • Protection in all 50 states
  • Uncapped payment (attorney fees) for defense of criminal cases
  • Uncapped payment (attorney fees) for defense of civil cases
  • Protection extends to all legal weapons
  • Defense of Extreme Risk-Protection orders (Red Flag Laws)
  • Access to 24/7 emergency attorney-answered hotline
  • Access to “My FLP” mobile app
  • Expungement of criminal record on (non-conviction) incidents
  • Payment of bail bond premium (up to $250,000)
  • Payment of expert witness fees
  • Payment of investigator fees
  • Coordination of counseling support*
  • Payment of lost wages during trial*
  • Incident scene clean-up provided*
  • Payment for incident-related firearm confiscation*
  • Access to digital content and discounts


    *This benefit may not available in North Carolina and/or California.

    Not available in every state. In some states, Firearms Legal Protection offers a prepaid legal membership. In other states, Firearms Legal Protection offers an insurance product, regulated by the laws of that state. To view product availability and designation by state, please visit the availability page on