PS15-2 NV Goggle

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The ATN NVGOPS1520 PS15-2 NV Goggle PS15 The ATN PS15-2 is a compact, lightweight dual Night Vision Goggle System. It utilizes two high-performance Image Intensifier Tubes to provide extremely clear and crisp images under the darkest conditions. This dual tube design provides increased depth perception and outstanding clarity. A built-in IR lets the user easily read a map and function in a total darkness environment. Available in a wide array of Image Intensifier Tube configurations the ATN PS15-2 Night Vision Goggles is designed to handle every budget and mission requirement. The ATN PS15-2 Night Vision System is the high-performance choice! FEATURES: - Dual goggle/binocular - Hands-free usage - Comfortable, flip-up Head gear - Lightweight, Compact - Depth Perception - Optional powerful 3x A focal lenses to make into binocular - Waterproof SPECIFICATIONS: - Total Darkness IR System: Yes - "SMART" Technology: No - Multi-Purpose System: No - IIT Generation: 2+ - Photocathode Type: Multi - Alkali - Resolution: 40 lp/mm - Signal to Noise Ratio: 12-20 - Figure of Merit: <1250 - MTTF - Mean Time Before Failure: 5,000 hours - Magnification: 1x - Lens System: F1.2, 27 mm - Proshield Lens Coating: Yes - FOV: 40 - Range of Focus: 0.25 m to infinity - Diopter Adjustment: -6 to +2 - Controls: Direct - Automatic Brightness Control: Yes - Bright Light Cut-off: Yes - Automatic Shut-off System: Yes - Infrared Illuminator: Yes (Built-in with flood lens) - IR Indicator: Yes (in FOV) - Low Battery Indicator: Yes (in FOV) - Power Supply: 1x1.5 V AA type battery or 1x3 V CR123A type battery - Battery Life: 40 hrs - Environmental Rating: Waterproof - MIL-STD-810: Complies - Operating Temperature: -40 to +50 C - Storage Temperature: -50 to +70 C - Dimensions: 120 x 114 x 69 mm (4.7" x 4.5" x 2.7"). - Weight: 0.7 kg / 1.54 lbs


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